Mineski to invest $2 million in Indonesia as it aims to bring Indonesian esports “to the next level”

17 December 2018


Mineski is preparing $2 million investment for 2019 as it looks to strengthen its position in Indonesia, and aims to “bring Indonesia’s esports ecosystem to the next level”. 

Manila Masters, MET

The company is targeting significant business growth in the region, with its three main business unit all being utilised to facilitate growth in Indonesia. These three business units are: 

  • Mineski Infinity (more than 150 cybercafe’s in South East Asia)
  • MET (major esports organiser in Asia)
  • Mineski Professional team.

The $2 million aforementioned investment will come through MET Indonesia, and will look to improve competition and infrastructure in the region thus providing more opportunities for players and fans alike. 

According to a report by Newzoo in 2017, Indonesia is the second-largest gaming market in Southeast Asia and the 16th largest gaming market in the world. It houses over 43.7 million active gamers, and the market had estimated worth at close to $900 million in revenue. 

“By looking at the potential of the esports industry in Indonesia, we are planning to invest aggressively for the next following years to encourage the growth spurt of the nation’s esports industry, so that we could catch up with other leading countries. Armed with the knowledge and experience we got after being in the industry for 14 years, we are optimistic to be able to raise the bar of the esports industry in Indonesia.” said Agustian Hwang, Country Manager of Mineski Indonesia.

Already proving its initial intent, MET has planned to conduct events in Indonesia such as the Garuda Garuda Cup, the Indonesia Professional Gaming League (“IGPL”) and the Jakarta Masters. The Jakarta masters is a new edition of the previous Manila Masters run in the Philippines in 2019. 

Mineski has existing partners in Telkomsel, GO-Jek and Tokopedia and will look to leverage and build on those existing relationships as they continue to invest in the Indonesian ecosystem. 

“Currently, Telkomsel’s customer base who contributes the highest revenue from other digital services comes from the gaming segment which reaches 34% with up to 60 million customers playing mobile games on their cell phones every month. Currently, Telkomsel’s market share in the Indonesian gaming industry reaches more than 22%. We are very pleased build partnership with Mineski in Indonesia whose vision is in line with Telkomsel’s to support and advance the gaming industry in the country, or specifically in accordance with our commitment to building a digital lifestyle entertainment ecosystem for the people of Indonesia,” said Auliya Ilman Fadli, General Manager Games and Apps Telkomsel.

Herman Widjaja, VP of Engineering Tokopedia added: “We welcome the presence of Mineski who presents a similar vision and mission to fully support the potential of esports in Indonesia by empowering games by providing them the best spaces and opportunities for growth. We have consistently taken parts in advancing the industry through sponsoring local esports competition, conducting our own tournament ‘Tokopedia Battle of Friday’ and many others. This intersects with our commitment to supporting the creative economy industry as one of the branches of business that is of our concern. Through Mineski, we are hoping to encourage local best talents to be recognised internationally.”

Esports Insider says: $2 million is a hefty investment from Mineski into the Indonesian ecosystem. For a gaming market its size, it hasn’t quite reached the feats in esports that are arguably possible so with the influx of investment from Mineski and MET, maybe that dream can become recognisable. We’re set for an intriguing 2019.