Famous actor & director Stephen Chow joins IG.LOL for a live stream

In January, Hong Kong famous actor and director Stephen Chow appeared in Chinese esports organisation Invictus Gaming’s (IG) live stream for the promotion of his new film: The New King of Comedy.

In the live stream, Chow congratulated the IG.LOL team on winning the 2018 World Championship and encouraged the team to keep working hard to win more championships.  Despite the huge age difference between Chow and team members, Chow still showed a strong interest in esports. 

After listening to the introduction of an esports professional player’s daily training plan, Chow expressed admiration for these assiduous and talented team members.  Furthermore, Chow also revealed his interest in esports films, which has ignited the desire of IG team members to participate in films.

Stephen Chow appears in Invictus Gaming’s live stream
Photo credit: Invictus Gaming

As a famous actor and film director from Hong Kong, Chow’s films are widely known by Chinese people and have broken Hong Kong’s film record numerous times since 1990.  In addition, his films Shaolin Soccer and Kung Fu Hustle have won many awards at Western film festivals.  At present, Chow is still dedicated to developing the Chinese film industry and he has already been considered as one of the best actors and directors in China.

As the first non-endemic cooperation between film and esports in China, this cooperation has achieved great success.  Due to the high popularity of Chow and the IG.LOL team, this 30-minute live stream attracted 15m people to watch and it has brought mass attention for Chow’s new film.  Besides the increase of the commercial value, this live stream also provided an excellent opportunity for fans with different age band and hobbies to communicate and share their views.

Esports Insider says: As an excellent example of commercial promotion in the esports industry, this unique cooperation fully shows how companies can attract fans and increase commercial value at the same time.  In addition, this event can also be considered as an exploration for a crossover in fan base and tapping into a potentially older audience, which can only increase public awareness of esports