Hyperice launches esports scholarship at University of California Irvine

03 April 2019


Performance technology company Hyperice has announced the launch of a health and wellness esports scholarship at the University of California Irvine (UCI).

The scholarship will implement Hyperice’s knowledge and technology to support two individuals with a sports medicine background, starting this autumn.

Hyperice University of California Irvine
Credit: Hyperice & University of California Irvine

Mark Deppe, Director of UCI Esports discussed the venture in a statement: “Health and wellness are crucial for UCI Esports as we try to push the boundaries of human performance within esports. This visionary gift from Hyperice will provide the necessary people and equipment to keep all of our students healthy and fit. These scholarships are also notable as they will be the first for non-players and demonstrate that a successful program relies on talented people in many different roles.”

Hyperice entered esports in February of this year through a partnership with NRG Esports’ Overwatch League franchise, San Francisco Shock. The deal includes a focus on the performance and career longevity of the players that represent the brand.

Jim Huether, CEO of Hyperice also commented: “Many competitive esports athletes do not prioritize health and human performance at the levels traditional athletes do. We are excited to implement this first of its kind wellness technology program as a way to support UCI Esports, as well as educate the collegiate gaming community on the importance of taking care of your physical health.

UK-based esports job website HitmarkerJobs.com partnered with UCI at the top of 2019 to help with the promotion of the university’s Division of Continuing Education’s online esports courses.

Esports Insider says: We’re seeing more and more degrees and scholarships focusing on esports, as well as the big push for collegiate esports. What’s most interesting is just how these things set people up for the future – it’s hard to know at the moment considering it’s all relatively new. Hyperice appears to be fighting the good fight with its interest in health and wellness in the industry though.

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