Esports Insider and META present Esports Revolution 2022

05 September 2022


Image credit: Esports Insider, META

Esports Insider (ESI) and Benelux esports and gaming agency META are proud to announce a joint venture as well as present the next iteration of the Esports Revolution conference. 

Taking place November 15th-16th 2022 in Brussels, Belgium, Esports Revolution will be the go-to location for everyone invested and interested in the esports industry, particularly with a regional market-first focused approach. The conference will provide delegates with two days of world-leading sessions from industry leaders both within the region and from around the world, as well as valuable face-to-face networking opportunities.

This edition of Esports Revolution will be held at the unique location of Autoworld, a national vintage car museum, located in the heart of Brussels and housed in a prestigious building in Cinquantenaire Park. Autoworld is one of the leading locations in the events sector that draws its legitimacy from its rich history. Attendees can expect speakers from global stakeholders as well as local partners and brands.

The content of Esports Revolution will offer insights on a plethora of topics and will be divided into four main tracks. A variety of international and local expert speakers in their fields will talk about the different possibilities within esports. Track one will look at the crossovers between traditional sports and virtual sports, the synergies they can bring and the differences between the two. The second track will focus on the problems a young industry such as esports has with regulations, as governments and official entities are still catching up with its fast growth.

With our third track, several brands will offer insights on the impact they can have on the esports industry, acting as an entry guide into the market for interested parties. Esports Revolution is at the intersection of brands, stakeholders and the broader industry itself and offers plenty of insights into how the industry works and how it evolves.

The fourth and final track handles the social impact esports can have, especially at a grassroots level. When looking at the industry, developing a flourishing local esports market is critical to nurturing the various aspects of the esports industry into a blossoming thought-driven market.

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ESI’s flagship conference is coming back to London in September. To buy a ticket or find out more, click here.

Sam Cooke, Managing Director and Co-Founder at Esports Insider, added:  “We’re delighted to partner with META and we see a huge potential in joining forces for the Esports Revolution. ESI & META have complementary team skill-sets and specialisms, with META’s long-standing experience across the space working with a number of properties commercially around esports and gaming in different capacities.

“Esports Insider meanwhile has its finger on the pulse with its positioning as the leading esports business media outlet covering the industry and as the most established esports B2B events organiser worldwide having hosted shows since 2017. We are both big believers in collaboration, and I believe that together we can make some truly impactful events, connections & experiences.”

The agenda and participating speakers will be revealed soon. Tickets for Esports Revolution are available here, with options for Single Day or Full Access. Quick deciders can benefit from Early Bird pricing.

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