FURIA collaborates with Brazilian artist on new merch collection

furia magic panthera collection
Image credit: FURIA

Brazilian esports organisation FURIA has partnered with artist Guilherme Lemes to release the ‘Magic Panthera’ collection.

According to the organisation, the new merch collection showcases mainly black and orange tones alongside FURIA’s panther logo.

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The ‘Magic Panthera’ collection consists of 29 items, including caps, t-shirts, hoodies, and jackets, among other exclusive garments.

FURIA aims to harness the panther’s symbolism of courage and individuality in its collection, delivering the message of never underestimating the strength of those who embrace challenges. The organisation also describes the panther as a powerful figure that transcends barriers, proudly representing diverse identities and colours.

In addition, the panther is presented as a symbol of growth, signifying the organisation’s “territorial expansion and mental strength.” As a result, the ‘Magic Panthera’ collection aims to highlight the value of self-expression that significantly contributes to the unity of the FURIA team.

All the pieces from the collection will be available for purchase exclusively on the official FURIA website and at the organisation’s physical store located in Miami, Florida.

Rafael Gimenes, Head of Product at FURIA, commented on the ‘Magic Panthera’ collection: “Magic Panthera is the starting point for a new stage of products at FURIA, aiming to bring art and references from the fashion world to the lifestyle of people connected to the organization. This collaboration brings an innovative, vibrant, and artistic proposal, reinforcing FURIA’s identity as a socio-cultural movement.”

FURIA’s expansion in 2023 remains evident with notable developments. In April, the organisation introduced Casa FURIA, a special event in collaboration with Pay4Fun, a payment platform. Furthermore, FURIA ventured into sim racing through ESL R1 and a partnership with VRS, a sim racing company.

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