$2m PUBG Global Series 2 takes centre stage in Riyadh

10 August 2023


PUBG Global Series 2
Image Credit: KRAFTON

PUBG developer Krafton will host the PUBG Global Series 2 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia from August 10th to August 20th.

The tournament features the top 24 teams from around the world, with eight PUBG Global Partner Teams and 16 teams that have fought through regional qualifiers across three different regions: APAC, Americas, and EMEA.

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PSG 2 will feature a $2m prize pool (~£1.56m) and grant PGS points needed to secure a spot for the PUBG Global Championship (PGC) 2023, the premier global PUBG Esports tournament.

The PGS is one of the three big PUBG esports events for the year, alongside the PUBG Nations Cup and the PUBG Global Championship. After a two-year hiatus, KRAFTON brought back the series in 2023, with the first tournament being held in Malaysia back in late April.

The participating 24 teams will be split into three groups of eight teams. The best 16 teams will head to the winner’s bracket, with the remaining eight teams moving to the losers’ bracket.

On August 13th and 14th, the teams from the winner’s bracket will play to determine the best eight teams that will go straight to the Grand Finals. The losers from the winner’s bracket will then face the bottom eight from the Group Stage to decide the remaining teams for the Grand Finals.

The top 16 teams will also be awarded PGS points that are vital for the qualification to the PGC. The top four teams in the combined standings of PGS points will be granted a spot in the year-end tournament.

It’s worth noting that PSG 2 will be the first time a PUBG competition will be governed under SUPER, the Competitive ruleset created by PUBG Corporation, with it served as the Global Ruleset for all future competitions. Going forward, PUBG’s Ranked Mode and Esports Mode will feature the same settings, including every item available.

Aside from the eight organisations that were granted global partner status (Four Angry Men, 17Gaming, FaZe Clan, Gen.G, NAVI, Patrichor Road, Soniqs, and Twisted Minds), the qualified teams are:

  • EMEA: Sarvem Esports, Question Mark
  • Americas: Friendly Fire, Team Falcons, Luminosity Gaming
  • APAC: The Expendable, CERBERUS Esports, eArena, Forest Gaming, THEERATHON FIVE, Daytrade Gaming
  • ASIA: Dplus KIA, Danawa e-sports, DD Team, TYLOO, FYOUMINE GAME PT

In celebration of the PGS 2 event, four out of the eight Global Partner Teams – Twisted Minds, Soniqs, Four Angry Men, and Gen.G – will showcase its Team Edition skins. The other four teams had their own items sold for a limited time during PGS 1.

The skins will be available for purchase in-game until August 30th, and 25% of the revenue generated will be given to the global partner teams.

All matches of PGS 2 will begin at 12 PM (UTC) and can be followed live on the official Twitch YouTube channels starting from August 10th.

Davide Xu