ESI Digital Summer Agenda Banner

Esports Insider unveils ESI Digital Summer agenda, details The Clutch Digital

Esports Insider is pleased to reveal the agenda for ESI Digital Summer, presented by Kinguin Lounge, the largest online B2B esports conference of 2020 with more than 1,200 attendees and over...
ESI Digital Summer Announcement

Announcing ESI Digital Summer, the largest global B2B esports event

Esports Insider is pleased to unveil ESI Digital Summer, a week-long series of panels, keynotes, and networking spanning a different region each day from August 17th-21st. ESI Digital Summer (#ESIDIGITAL) will be...
ESI Network Announcement

Announcing ESI Network, a collection of industry podcasts

Esports Insider is excited to announce ESI Network, a collection of podcasts encompassing the esports industry. Covering the business side of affairs, ESI Network provides a comprehensive means of staying up to...
Esports Insider

For your consideration: Esports Insider as best coverage website in 2020

Esports Insider does more than simply write up industry news. It provides those in the industry, and those looking to enter in the industry, with the knowledge needed to truly understand...
Esports Insider White Background

Esports Insider’s stance on recent industry abuse and misconduct allegations

It’s hard to know where to begin writing this, nor what good it will really do, but I didn’t want to leave this unaddressed by Esports Insider. As we know, the #MeToo...
Esports Insider CSM Partnership

Esports Insider partners with CSM to bring more brands into esports

Esports Insider is pleased to announce a partnership with integrated marketing and brand experience agency CSM Sport and Entertainment. The partnership is a signal of CSM’s commitment to esports which has been...
ESI Digital Summit 2020 Announcement

ESI Digital Summit locks agenda with pressing topics and leading speakers

The exclusive online take on Esports Insider's industry-leading esports conferences, ESI Digital Summit, is almost upon us! Taking place over May 26-27th, the event is filling a gap presented by the unfortunate...
The Clutch Digital Announcement

Watch the next big esports startups pitch at ESI Digital Summit

Esports Insider is pleased to reveal the companies taking part in The Clutch Digital, a unique opportunity that allows selected esports startups to promote and pitch themselves to an esteemed panel...
ESI Digital Summit 2020 Announcement

First wave of speakers and topics unveiled for ESI Digital Summit

Esports Insider is pleased to reveal the first wave of speakers and content for the inaugural ESI Digital Summit, the first major digital event dedicated to the business of esports. With two full...
WFH League Partners

WFH League confirms Razer, Playbox, and G-Science as partners

The WFH League, an upcoming corporate esports league which will pit companies against companies in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and FIFA 20, has today announced a trio of partners for its inaugural...