Riot Games promises more revenue options for pro teams

26 September 2016


The LoL Worlds 2016 start on September 29th

League of Legends developer Riot Games revealed some exciting forthcoming changes for its esports scene last week via a blog post published on September 22nd. 

The announcement stated: “As we move into 2017 and beyond, we’re continuing to take steps towards a future where top LoL players have very well paid, long careers doing what they love – and where LoL esports team organizations are thriving businesses led by empowered owners who share responsibility and accountability for the long term prosperity of the sport.”

It continued: “To help get us there, we’ll share LoL esports revenue streams and collaborate with our partners to develop new business models and actively shape the league. We want these partners to have permanent stakes, to be invested in a stable future and to profit from the continued success of the sport.”

This announcement came in the wake of some criticism leveled at Riot’s esports department. With the revelation that henceforth 25% of revenues will be put back into the Worlds prize pool, with a further 25% going to the Mid Season Invitational, in addition to revenue from in-game content such as championship skins being shared too, this should go some way in placating rightly frustrated LoL teams and players.

It has been noted though that the announcement failed to give any concrete promises of giving teams more of a say in the LCS, only that they will be looking at partnerships from 2018. 

With other revenue driving and sharing measures put in place too, League of Legends should begin to be able to rival the likes of Dota 2 and CS:GO as the more profitable esports to be involved with and compete in professionally.  

Riot Games’ statement rounded off: “We believed the future was bright for LoL esports in 2012 – and it’s even brighter today as we take our most significant steps yet. As we face additional challenges and future unknowns, we’ll continue to stick to our core beliefs; to put esports fans first, to build a great ecosystem that keeps the sport you love around for the long-term, and which fans, pros & teams all aspire to.”

The Riot Games release can be read in full here.  

Esports Insider says: This is a big, somewhat unexpected move by Riot and great news for all competitors in the LoL esports scene. With a mention of future partnerships too, teams can hope for more involvement in the decisions made and major tournaments from 2018 onwards.