Behind the scenes look at Team Liquid CS:GO in new documentary

21 October 2016


Steve Arhancet, Team Liquid

On November 14th at 10pm on, what looks set to be a revealing documentary on Team Liquid’s CS:GO team will be aired. 

Titled ‘Gamer Gods: Team Liquid’, it’ll feature comprehensive footage as the film crew followed the likes of Hiko, Nitr0, Elige, Pimp and Jdm64 at ESL One. 

You can watch the trailer at Fuse. 

Team Liquid Co-CEO Steve Arhancet said: “Giving viewers the opportunity to see the stress the players place on themselves to be successful and the sheer amount of effort that goes into competing at this level, is extremely compelling.”

At ESL One New York Team Liquid lost out to eventual champions Na’Vi in the semis, which meant they raked in $25,000 (£20,386) of the overall $250,000 (£203,864) prize pool. Team Liquid was of course the talk of the town recently after it was snapped up by an investment group including Magic Johnson and Pete Guber and Ted Leonsis, the owners of the Golden State Warriors, LA Dodgers and more teams. 

Esports Insider says: Team Liquid is a long running org and one of North America’s largest and this behind the scenes documentary should be a good watch for CS:GO fans, and a worthwhile one for those hoping to go pro in esports as a player.