Esport Talk – Marc ‘yAwS’ Förster – Show investors what esports feels like

08 February 2017


Marc ‘yAwS’ Förster

Around ten years ago, before StarCraft 2 or League of Legends, WarCraft III was the gold standard of gaming outside Korea. 

Not only was it a highly popular strategy game but it gave birth to the MOBA genre, too. After all, it was the game that Dota has its origins in. Its impact on esports cannot be denied.

So this week on Esport Talk, the team invited Marc ‘yAwS’ Förster into the studio.

The 27-year-old German is a well known figure in WC3. In 2015, he went to China and returned as runner-up of the World Cyber Arena; the WarCraft World Championship. Marc was probably the person who was most surprised by this outcome.

Currently, he works as an esports consultant for Strafejump. This is an organisation that helps non-gaming related companies to enter the market. He talks about this, about his experiences in China and his general experiences in esports and gaming over the years.

Listen below, and check out Esport Talk (@EsportTalkDE) on Twitter.