CT Travel Group launches esports-dedicated travel management division

UK-based travel solutions company CT Travel Group has launched an esports-dedicated travel department, CT esports Travel.

CT Esports aims to “provide comprehensive, high-touch and personable travel management” across the esports industry by saving organisations time, money, and stress.

CT esports Travel Launched
Image credit: CT esports Travel

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Coinciding with its launch, CT esports Travel is offering a three-month sponsorship for an esports team which provides them with free travel management.

The division will handle various aspects of travel, including “flights, hotels and visas to group travel and end-to-end event management” in an all-inclusive service. The CT esports team claims to harbour former competitive gamers who understand the pressures of esports and what organisations need when competing on global scales.

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Alan “dkoi” Margerison spoke on the company’s new division in a release: “When I used to play competitively, there wasn’t such a thing as professional players. I understand with the massive amounts of money on the line, fans, lights, shout casters and millions watching now, that the amount of preparation required is huge.

“Because I still have a love for watching and playing games, I can see the real benefit that CT esports Travel Management can offer organisations and teams. Not only can we save teams money on travel, we can also remove all the stress from the players and managers and let them focus on the game at hand!”

Esports Insider says: With strenuous travel regiments at the front of mind for players and organisations, the news of CT Travel Group’s esports division couldn’t have come at a better time. A free three-month travel management plan should be enough to see whether CT esports Travel is fit to handle a tier-one organisation and its needs.

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