Team Vitality V.Hive app launches prediction mini-game

Image credit: Team Vitality / GG.BET

French esports organisation Team Vitality has teamed up with betting company GG.BET to launch a prediction game for its V.Hive fan app.

The mini-game, developed together with the betting company, will allow users to earn awards by predicting the outcomes of Vitality matches.

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The new feature, simply called Prediction Game, will be included in Team Vitality’s fan engagement app V.Hive, which is built on the Tezos blockchain and named after the team’s Paris headquarters. The app allows users to earn rewards and experience by doing quests.

Correct predictions will provide users with experience points. The users with the most points will, according to Team Vitality, get rewards such as limited edition merchandise, access to events and, interestingly, something Vitality calls ‘once in a lifetime experiences’. Further details about these rewards were not disclosed.

The partnership with GG.BET is the first time an outside partner has been integrated into the app. This allows Vitality to further diversify income, and further improve its relationship with GG.BET, a betting company that first signed a CS:GO-focused partnership with Team Vitality in 2022.

Alongside GG.BET, Team Vitality’s commercial portfolio includes the likes of supermarket chain ALDI, audio brand JBL and sportswear company hummel, among others.

Nicolas Maurer, the CEO at Team Vitality, commented on the collaboration: “We are thrilled to work with GG.BET to deepen our connection with our fans and bring forward a wave of excitement to the global ranking. We are pleased to bring an innovative new way to bridge the gap between Team Vitality and our fans and look forward to bringing new and exciting features to the app in the future.”

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