Bayes Esports appoints Co-CEO and CFO

Image credit: Bayes Esports

Esports data company Bayes Esports has announced significant changes to its leadership structure.

The company has promoted Amir Mirzaee to Co-CEO, with Christopher Bohlmann announced as Bayes Esports’ new Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

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In a release, the company noted that Bohlmann’s role will entail running financial and growth strategies for Bayes Esports. Meanwhile, Mirzaee will focus on the company’s commercial success.

The two executives are both long-time employees of Bayes Esports, and the new positions are aimed to bolster the company’s leadership for the future. Prior to taking the new position, Amir Mirzaee held the position of Chief Commercial Officer and Managing Director for Bayes Esports, while Christopher Bohlmann worked as the company’s VP of Growth and Finance.

Prior to joining Bayes Esports, both held senior positions in several companies. Bohlmann worked at financial institution J.P. Morgan and Mirzaee spent six years at tech company Google, among others.

The company noted that the changes in its leadership are part of a ‘strategic plan to drive sustainable growth’, but did not mention whether other team members will be promoted to fill the vacant spots left by the promotion of Mirzaee and Bohlmann. Mirzaee will join the existing Bayes Esports CEO Martin Dachselt at the very top of the company’s leadership structure.

In a release, Bayes Epsorts highlighted that ‘major distribution and content partnerships’ are ahead, and that Bayes is making major steps towards profitability. The company stated that this is in no small part due to the work of both Mirzaee and Bohlmann.

Amir Mirzaee, Co-CEO of Bayes Esports, said: “Bayes Esports has cemented its position at the centre of the esports ecosystem, and this shift reflects our continued growth. Together with Martin, we will foster innovation and integrity within the esports industry, while forging partnerships with the very best in the industry.”

Bayes Esports made headlines for its public criticism of so-called ‘grey market data’ last year. This included a lawsuit that the company filed against PandaScore, another data company operating in the esports space.

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