PSG launch into esports in emphatic fashion

21 October 2016


Since Paris Saint-Germain partnered with media group Webedia and officially launched their esports arm, we’ve been eagerly awaiting news of just how they’ll be competing.

With a press conference held on Twitch last night, they unveiled August ‘Agge’ Rosenmeier and Lucas ‘Daxe’ Cuillerier as their two FIFA players. Not content with two FIFA players, they revealed Bora ‘Yell0wStaR’ Kim, a legend in the LoL realm as their head of esports and a League of Legends team that will compete in the European Challenger Series.

Agge has one of the most impressive C.Vs in FIFA, having won the FIFA Interactive World Cup in 2014 and the ESWC just last year. He’s also a six time Danish champion and four time Scandinavian champion. He will shortly be heading to Paris to defend his ESWC title against the world’s best FIFA players. 

Daxe finished second in Gfinity’s ‘Play Like a Legend Season 2’ this year and is of French origin so arguably a perfect fit for the French football giants. 

Arguably the biggest signing, though, is that of Yell0wStaR. The man is considered in extremely high regard in the League of Legends sphere and having retired from playing to take this role as PSG head of esports, it’s a huge coup. There will be no man better to lead a League of Legends ECS team forward as they aim for the top tier of Riot’s competitive gaming system.

Esports Insider: Take note – this is how you enter esports. It probably owes an awful lot to their partnership with Webedia (the company that manages Yell0wStaR originally) but it’s an emphatic entrance that ticks all the right boxes. They have not simply marched into esports announcing they’re going to do things differently (such as the La Liga VFO) but simply put in place a structure that should see them become very successful in the realm. They will be entering e-Ligue 1 with Agge on their books who is one of the top players in the FIFA world so will harbour high hopes of great results. Having a League of Legends team is also a big move but with Yell0wStaR at the helm it could have great success. On another note, holding the press conference on Twitch shows that whoever’s behind this campaign knows exactly what they’re in for and who their target audience is.