Gfinity announce Team Endpoint to the Elite Series

After the announcement of the first five teams in Gfinity‘s Elite Series, speculation has been rife as to who the next teams in the series would be. This, alongside the recent oversubscribed pricing to raise funds, led to the tournament being delayed. Now, the sixth team has been announced – Team Endpoint.

Team Endpoint are one of the UK’s strongest esports brands at the moment, hosting what many believ is one of the top two UK CS:GO sides. This could be seen most recently when they were in action at the Copenhagen Games, where their CS:GO team came top 32. 

The organisation hasn’t been active in many other esport titles in the past. Starting with Overwatch, they signed their current CS:GO team before more recently picking up a team in H1Z1. The entry into the Elite Series means Endpoint will make their first entries into Rocket League and the Fighting Game Community via Street Fighter.

Neville Upton, CEO Gfinity PLC said: “The addition of Endpoint to the Gfinity Elite Series is hugely significant as it supports our quest to back UK talent and will make the competition even more exciting for everyone involved. Their expertise and standing, even as a relatively young team in esports shows that we are serious about our intention to take esports in the UK to the next level. We are passionate about investing in home-grown players and teams and the Gfinity Elite Series is a fast-paced and thrilling way for us to do this.”

Adam ‘Adz’ Jessop, CEO Endpoint Esports Ltd added: “It’s an honour to be invited to compete within the Gfinity Elite Series. Since returning to the UK esports scene and founding Endpoint, the progression and opportunities within the UK have been rapidly evolving and I believe that the Gfinity Elite Series marks the next big step in that evolution. We have been working hard to position ourselves at the top of the UK scene whilst also embracing the community wherever possible, and we are proud to be able to continue that work as one of the 8 Elite Series franchises. Competing within such a prestigious competition will help us continue our rapid growth, whilst enabling us and our partners to reach a wider audience.”

Full announcement can be found on Gfinity’s website.

Esports Insider says: After over a month of limited-to-no news on what’s happening next with the Elite Series, finally they announce their sixth team. There’s still two more to be announced and we eagerly await further information.