Dallas is next stop for DreamHack Masters

18 October 2018


Swedish production company DreamHack has announced that the next DreamHack Masters tournament will be held in Dallas, Texas.

DreamHack will also bring its festival to Dallas, with a BYOC LAN area, cosplay competitions, music acts, tournaments, and more.

DreamHack Dallas

DreamHack Dallas will take place over May 31st to June 2nd in 2019, coinciding with the DreamHack Masters playoffs. Prior to this, the tournament will have a closed-to-public group stage on May 28-30th. There will be $250,000 (£190,516.25) up for grabs.

Marcus Lindmark, CEO of DreamHack discussed the event: “We are delighted that we now can bring the DreamHack experience to Dallas as we know that we that we have a good following in the city. Dallas is, for me, a city well known for its many sports teams and being a central hub for esports as well in the state of Texas but also for the whole of the U.S. The Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center is an inspiring venue, and we are positive that it will help us create an even better event for our North American visitors with the biggest footprint in the US yet.”

The playoffs will take place in the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center Arena, just next door to the DreamHack Dallas festival. 

Monica Paul, Executive Director of the Dallas Sports Commission added: “We’re excited to bring DreamHack to Dallas. This event is a new event for the city of Dallas which has many tiesto the e-sports and gaming world. We are happy to present three-days of esports tournaments, cosplay and live music for gaming and digital fans.”

In September, DreamHack announced both DreamHack Rotterdam and DreamHack Mumbai. The former will take place in October 2019, whereas the latter will arrive much sooner on December 21st-23rd of this year.

DreamHack Masters was launched in 2016 as the company’s first large-scale event series, hosted in different cities and countries across numerous titles. So far, all iterations of the competition have been on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with 16 teams facing off against each other.

Esports Insider says: DreamHack is quickly building up a roster of solid events for late 2018 moving into 2019. DreamHack Masters events almost always full of entertaining competition and it rewards winners well, Dallas locals are in luck.

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