Incent joins Gfinity Elite Series Australia as loyalty partner

30 October 2018


Cryptocurrency start-up Incent has entered a deal with Gfinity Esports Australia to become the loyalty partner for the Gfinity Elite Series Australia.

This partnership will see the two parties work together to create a broadcasting rewards platform “powered by cryptocurrency and blockchain technology”.

Gfinity Elite Series Australia

Rob Wilson, CEO and Co-founder of Incent discussed the deal: “This is a massive opportunity for Incent to plug in to one of the world’s fastest-growing communities and introduce it to a completely unique, simple and frictionless means of acquiring a tradable digital currency that is theirs to keep, and does not expire.

“This is the first ever mass-market application for crypto in Australia – if not the world – and we’ll be putting crypto into the hands of tens of thousands of new users as a result of this one partnership alone.”

Those who watch the second season of the Gfinity Elite Series Australia after it debuts on November 3rd will be eligible to receive INCNT rewards. INCNT is Incent’s cryptocurrency which was founded in late 2016.

Dominic Remond, CEO of Gfinity Esports Australia added: “Esports and blockchain are a natural fit and we look forward to working with Incent at the vanguard of this exciting new trend in entertainment and sport, where fans and players will be able to interact and share value in an entirely new way.”

Esports Insider says: Blockchain and cryptocurrency are obviously hot topics in technology in general, and this definitely includes esports. While many crypto companies are popping up, this tech is yet to be adopted in a big way in the industry – moves such as Gfinity Esports Australia integrating it into its offering are notable because of that very reason.

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