Horizon Union goes ‘Beyond’ with new creator programme

Horizon Union Beyond creator programme
Image credit: Horizon Union, via Twitter.

British esports and gaming organisation Horizon Union has unveiled the Beyond Programme, a new tiered creator-led incentive to help content creators develop their brands.

The programme looks to provide Horizon creators with a progression path and development scheme. The Byond Programme will feature four tiers ranging from Sunset Bronze (a total following of 0 – 20,000) to Beyond Platinum (over 100,000 cumulative followers). 

Due to the programme being focused on content creation, the platforms Horizon Union highlighted were TikTok, Twitch and Youtube. According to Horizon Union’s Co-Founder and Operations and Commercial Lead, Kieran Wood, the project will provide “value, transparency and accountability between creator and brand.”

Some of the programme’s benefits mentioned in Horizon’s announcement video include creative workshops, one-to-one meetings, support between creator and management, content strategy development, partnership opportunities and access to a work, health and life scheme. 

Wood went into more detail regarding Horizon’s reasoning behind the programme via LinkedIn. “The Beyond Programme is an initiative that aims to develop creator careers by offering a series of services at different stages of a creator’s development path,” he said. “By being an incentive-based progression path, it allows any and all creators that join Horizon to tap into our pool of resources, opportunities and benefits.

Creators can apply to be a part of the Beyond Programme on the organisation’s website.

Founded in 2017, Horizon Union is most known in esports for its Apex Legends team which currently competes in the Apex Legends Global Series. The organisation also competes in the FIFA scene. Outside of competitive gaming, the organisation has amassed a significant content creator portfolio of over 45 creators, according to Horizon’s website. Notably, this includes Apex Legends streamer Stormen, who has over 750,000 followers on Twitch.

 Horizon Union isn’t the only gaming and esports organisation that is going deeper into the creator space. Earlier this year, Misfits Gaming completely revamped its image as the organisation continues to angle itself away from the esports scene.

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