Team Vitality and JBL launch amateur Rocket League tournament

Image of Team Vitality JBL Rocket League tournament host and player on black and yellow background
Image credit: Team Vitality

French esports organisation Team Vitality and audio brand JBL have joined forces to host an amateur Rocket League tournament.

The event, called The Way Up, aims to help aspiring Rocket League players showcase their talents and be a launching pad for esports participation.

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The tournament is open for amateur Rocket League players from the EMEA region aged between 14 and 20. The Way Up features three stages concluding with a grand final taking place in Team Vitality’s V.Hive headquarters in Paris on September 7th.

Players will compete in one-versus-one matches throughout each stage of the competition. The top two players from each qualification tournament will secure a place in the finals where Team Vitality will offer a €3,000 (~£2,572) prize pool that will be distributed during various stages of the event. The eventual winner will receive gaming gear from JBL, access to the organisation’s facilities and the ability to interact with its Rocket League coaching staff.

Team Vitality is no stranger to organising tournaments and matches alongside its partners. In December 2023, the organisation, Ben and Jerrys and Magnum launched a Rocket League show match involving its roster and other professional players.

In recent years, JBL has also been involved in hosting esports tournaments. In November 2022 it hosted the Quantum Cup alongside ESL FACEIT Group involving Fortnite and Apex Legends. In January 2023, the audio brand renewed and expanded its partnership with Team Vitality becoming the organisation’s official audio partner.

Nicolas Maurer, Co-founder and CEO of Team Vitality, spoke on the tournament: “At Team Vitality, we believe in the importance of supporting the next generation of players.

“The Way Up is our way of giving young talent a chance to shine, to be noticed, and to reveal their potential, like ‘zen’, one of our Rocket League players and international champion at just 17 years old!”

Jonno Nicholson
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