Dynamo Kyiv enter esports

23 December 2016


In what is surely the last football club entering esports story of 2016, Ukrainian club Dynamo Kyiv announced its entrance into esports yesterday with the signing of a FIFA player. 

Before the critics state that it’s just another club not committing properly to esports it has also been reported by Dot Esports that the team is seriously considering putting together a Dota 2 roster ahead of the Major in Kyiv in April next year.

To date Ukraine as a whole has been best represented in esports by Na’Vi in CSGO but the press conference also stated that Dynamo would be looking to address the issue of most Ukrainian players having to look abroad for teams to play for professionally. Dynamo have for the time-being only signed Labotryas who is the current national FIFA champion. 

Of course the wider political and economic situation in the country means that the road ahead could be a rocky one, with football clubs in the country suffering problems such as financial problems, lower crowds and top talent moving abroad.

The Kyiv club, who are the current national league champions, will be hoping that it can come up with an esports roster equivalent of its famed and deadly Shevchenko and Rebrov striking partnership from the 1990s. 

Esports Insider says: This year has seen now entrances into esports of all shapes and sizes from football clubs across Europe. Those with the intention to do more than just FIFA, as is the case with Schalke and PSG, and is reportedly the case here are the ones that are justly seen as preferable for the industry. 

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