Facebook to implement subscription program, content creator database

Facebook is implementing a monthly subscription service for content creators with the aim of helping them form solid monetization for their videos – presumably to encourage them to move from YouTube and Twitch to the social platform.


Not only that, it’s introducing a searchable database full of creators that’ll allow brands to filter through and identify those in which they’d like to work alongside. This feature will require content creators to set up a portfolio to demonstrate their skills and online following in an attempt to appeal to brands.

These features haven’t been developed with gaming specifically in mind, but it’s definitely relevant to those who stream or record gameplay. The database, in theory, could also enable esports organisations to find new content creators. It’d allow them to identify and connect with gamers in an easy fashion and streamlining the process.

In January 2018, Facebook acquired the exclusive streaming rights for ESL One – tournaments for both Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and ESL’s CS:GO Pro League. In March 2018, the social platform also gained the broadcast rights for the Gfinity Elite Series.

Esports Insider says: Twitch is thriving incredibly as of late in terms of both the amount of streamers and the amount of people watching streams, especially with Fortnite’s popularity and the growing number of esports tournaments. YouTube is still known as the hub of recorded gameplay, with content creators and competitive gameplay being uploaded on a daily basis. It’ll be a hard task for Facebook to pull them away from those platforms, but these features may help.